Saturday, May 30, 2009

Club Dancing

This was posted today by one of the guys in my local lair. Personally I wish I'd seen these years ago as I really suck and dancing to the point of being self conscious about it. If you've ever seen me dancing then you know I was pretty drunk that night because that's about the only way I'll get out on the dance floor. On to the videos...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Preempting Flakes

I learned this trick this week from Phoenix of Enlightenment Dating. And it's not just for dating either. If you have friends that are regularly late or flake just tell them to text or call when they're on their way. That's when you know to actually get going. If they don't call then do something else. If they later show up and complain you're not there then remind them they were supposed to call/text. In a dating sense, if you're not sure she's going to flake or not just do the above. If you don't hear back from her then you know she's flaking. It beats going to a restaurant or something and watching the candle burn down wondering when/if they're going to show up.

Furthermore, something else I stumbled upon a while back when setting up a date/day2 is to give the person just enough info about when or what you've got in mind. The trick is to sell the event while leaving out enough information so that you have a reason to call the day of to finalize the details. This serves two purposes. A) it gives you a feel for if they'll flake based on their tonality and excitement level and B) leaving details out gives them less info to base their decisions on when weighing their options. There is less chance of them choosing something else over your plans if they don't know what your plans exactly are.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dance floor is a trap because...

The dance floor is a trap. It's a well known community axiom and for good reason. Girls sucker guys into gawking and grinding on them for validation and almost nobody gets laid from that. If you are an excellent dancer you can get some play from that, but for most guys it's just a big mistake. That being said, where dancing is clutch is once you've already met, THAT'S when you pull her to the dance floor for some down and dirty escalation. Trying to "get up on" some chick is full of fail as it leads nowhere. Some guys get makeouts from it, but it's fleeting and they almost never lead to anything else besides a quick spike of good feelings for the girl and, you guessed it, ego validation and for them it's mission accomplished.

This is why girls often say dancing "feels good". No, dancing is just dancing. They can do that in their living room. What feels good is all the attention they get from guys ogling them, and in a lot of cases the power they feel from getting to shoot down guys that approach. If dancing was such a wonderful experience they'd skip the club, drink way cheaper booze at home, and dance to the music of THEIR choosing at a place they're comfortable with, and in their pajamas.

In short, the dance floor is an ego trip in a bottle. Just stand back and watch what happens to the guys that do nothing but try to grind on girls and think that's "good game". It's pathetic how used they get and they don't even realize it.

Now here's the positive side. Dancing is a great BT spike for girls you pull onto the floor and you can quickly escalate. Yes, you can go up to compete strangers that are already dancing and get the pull, but it's actually quite difficult and rare. Plus you still need to run solid game to leave the venue with them. My preference is to meet women off the dance floor, get to know them a bit, and then dance. Just seems to work out a lot better that way and you don't waste as much time with random bar makeouts that lead nowhere.