Sunday, July 25, 2010

Misconceptions Part 2

Humans have been reproducing from the beginning. Evolutionary psychology and biology shows us how various behaviors generate attraction. Game is teaching men those causal relationships and how to trigger them. One of my favorite descriptions of Game is "Applied sociobiology".

I personally liken Game to being a highly focused version of public speaking. Imagine you’re giving a speech in front of a crowded room. That anxiety you feel, that stage fright, that’s what men feel when they approach women they find attractive. Talking to women is reallyjust another version of public speaking. Fortunately it’s something you can get better at.

By learning how to be a better communicator with women through learning Game men can be more themselves. In fact Game merely lets a man’s true self shine through instead of being the nervous mess women usually see when they get approached by average guys. Through practice and repetition the guys get used to that feeling of anxiety and it allows men to be fun, at ease, and more natural. Why anyone would have a problem with that is beyond me, don’t you agree?

Furthermore, to put it bluntly, I see a lot of anti-Game rhetoric based purely on misconceptions and feminist shaming attempts levied at those who support and utilize Game. Game itself is amoral. How it is applied is what matters. Some men use it with the goal in mind of having sex with as many women as they can whereas others use it for that special snowflake they’ve have a crush on for 6 years. (most men who get into this stuff are of the latter variety--and by a wide margin) In either case, regardless of what you think of the practicioner’s goals, there are two major benefits that transcends getting laid or getting into a relationship:

1. Game gives men control over how they spend their energy interacting with women.

2. Game gives men the tools to qualify women.

Until now you either had “it” or you didn’t, and if you didn’t you were lost in the deep end of the pool doing your best to stay afloat hoping, praying that it’s an attractive lifeguard that pulls you out.

Game is a coin with two sides. On one side it’s the training wheels, the pickup stuff people see on TV or the internet or read in books that comes off as weird and gamey. On the other side are the more meaningful lasting aspects (IMO) that gets mens’ heads straight and allows them to take the pussy down from the pedestal and builds character, strength, confidence, and teaches men that there’s more to women than the sum of their T&A.