Saturday, May 17, 2008

Older guys gaming younger hotties

When the subject of age comes up, and the man is fairly older than the woman, there are tons of ways to handle it. One common method in the community is to reframe it or whatever, which is all well and good. What I'm discussing here is a little different. If I think a girl is younger, or the subject comes up like it did the other night, I try to guide the conversation to a topic only the younger crowd would typically comment on. For example, I asked the group how they all knew each other and they said high school, and I knew they were early to mid 20s, so I cracked "So, what, like 6 weeks ago?" They pipe up and qualify that they're not that young (all are 24). What I've noticed is that when gaming younger ones, by "shit testing" them first about their age it preempts them from doing it to me and making an issue out of it. When they do ask, I make them guess and if they're close I reframe it with "Quick, someone get this girl a job at the carnival!" and it's never mentioned again.
The point I'm trying to drive home here is to guide the conversation to something you can bust on them for being so young, but by doing it in an obviously over-the-top way so they know you're playing. If you've ran strong Attraction game (A2 in the M3 model) they'll usually start qualifying themselves, which is why I've included this as a waypoint to see if they're ready for Qualification (A3).
Another tip when guiding the conversation like this is to not let them steal the frame back or lead the conversation until you're ready. Going with the high school example, don't let them tell you when they graduated. Say "No, don't tell me, let me guess.....6 weeks ago?" (or 2 years ago, whichever works for you) this way you can get the jab in and force the conversational thread in the direction you want it to go, which is to get them qualifying.

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