Sunday, July 13, 2008

Plowing, kino, and BT spikes

These are all you really need for one night stands and/or same night lays.

Plowing through shit tests, however you manage, is pretty damn important. Act as though nothing matters, be unaffected if things don't work out. And push past YOUR limits. Most times I'm out and things falter it's my fault because I held back, and after a year in the community I've found it's a pretty common problem. Our success AND failures are usually a result of our own self-imposed limits. Chalk it up to being timid and a mix of social programming I guess. That said, it doesn't really matter where this stems from because it's time to change.

Kino is HUGE when it comes to building attraction and a sexual vibe. Check out Vin DiCarlo's Kino Escalation Ladder. I highly recommend it, plus it's free online. That being said, it's really not all that important to follow the ladder specifically if you're after a quick romp in the sack. Just plow and throw around some dominant kino. This is the secret ingredient of naturals the world over. They don't moderate themselves when they get touchy with women, which is something women usually repsond favorably to from an emotionally and sexual standpoint.

Lastly, BT spikes. Cocky/Funny is clutch. Be bold, both with words and your kino. Check out Decibel's PUA Field Guide (link is on the right). In it there will be a section on ONS/SNL and the related kino needed to make them happen.

Plowing past your normal limiting beliefs or how far you're willing to push things is what we need to do if we want to see changes. Rarely I've found people go too far naturally on their own, unless of course they're calibrating or drunk. Again, BE BOLD! Push your sets as far as you can, usually way beyond what you'd normally be comfortable with. If things blow up in your face a bunch of times that's when you can dial it back a bit. Not too much, just a bit. Rinse, repeat. That's the fastest way to get calibrated that I've found.

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Deline said...

Third paragraph... fantastic advice.

I would add that expect failure early and often, until you naturally train yourself by practicing... well this craft.

Good stuff.