Monday, February 23, 2009

Text Game

I've been really going nuts with text game lately putting a lot of effort into getting it down. Here are my rules thumb I've developed thus far:

Ground Rules:
Keep it light, fun, & flirty

Slowly go sexual

Seed the D2

Don't drag text convos on for too long.

Don't expect a reply. Send it out and go about your daily activities.

Always be the one to end it, having her text last.

My current SOP:

1) Be memorable
Do something ballsy on the spot when getting the number. Shortly after I get a number I'll text her something cocky funny such as "OMG! Who is that sexy guy you're talking to?! Quick, get his number before he leaves!"

2) Reopen
When following up in a day or 2 I first send a quick fun non-sequitor to get a fun & flirty vibe established. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:

  • I think I'm pregnant.
  • I'm out hunting dinosaurs. What are you doing?
  • The canary is back in the cage. We're meeting Red at six.
  • Did you do that that thing at the place? I'm still waiting for the gift.
  • Pull out. Eagle 2 is back.
  • Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking sexy ass people! You will be safe, I'm just texting to say goodbye.
  • Why'd you have to give your mom my phone number…? She won't quit calling me now…
  • I miss you & want to see you, but this dumb security guard won't let me in the zoo. Is there any way you can escape?
  • I just met your twin. – She’s just like you, she won’t stop grabbing my ass / asking me out
  • I'm naked...quit day-dreaming!
  • You know what I love about you? I feel so smart when I'm around you
  • What's cuter, a pony the size of a kitten, or a kitten the size of a pony?
  • If I was a pickup artist, you'd so be mine!
  • I can’t sleep. Stop snoring so loud
  • Is that you right now in my tree again? The neighbors are going to call the cops on you, and I’m not bailing you out this time. I warned you about this type of behavior!
  • I'm going to lure girls back to my house with candy. Do you prefer skittles or M&Ms?
  • Gorgeous, funny, charming, and lovable... Well enough about me, how are you doing?
  • Hey, remember how I’m psychic? Clean out those dirty thoughts of me in your head, I’m with my family…
  • Stop undressing me with your eyes.
  • I have a question hon. Can you handle an honest compliment? – Good, so can I. You go first
  • I was just at the beach and I saw a fish. It reminded me of you

FYI, the lines came from this thread:

3) Follow up
Take their answer or reply and send back something funny and don't be afraid to bust on them a bit. However, you need to snip & stack to get things moving forward quickly, otherwise the vibe may stall.

4) Logistics
Seed the D2 or follow-up plans if we already time-bridged.

5) Pacing
Generally speaking I try to take as long as they do to reply. If it takes them an hour or two to reply, then I do the same. It's a good way of matching interest levels and not coming across as needy. The goal is to convey the subtext of always being busy without saying you are. Just make them wait. Never text back immediately even if you aren't busy. Wait about 10 minutes anyway. If they are taking longer then that to respond, again, wait the amount of time they took (within reason) to respond. All that being said, you may need to answer back quickly in the beginning if THEY ARE REPLYING QUICKLY. If they take the slow boat then you should too.

6) Know when to stop
If they text more and more and start trying to have a conversation then just call. Too much is lost in texting. At least with a phone call you can be quick, hear the tone and pacing of their voice, etc. Finish up what needs to be said and get off the damn thing.

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Thanks bud...loving all the text re-openers!