Monday, February 16, 2009


Attraction is the very thing nice guys the world over don't understand. They feel that by becoming friends first, getting to know the hotties, then think they can build a relationship. Naturally as soon as they make a move they get the "lets just be friends" speech, or some iteration thereof. There's a reason for this: the women aren't attracted.

Attraction isn't a choice, as the saying goes. And without attraction if you get comfortable with women you end up "just friends", and as many guys know that usually involves being sexually frustrated if you're attracted to the women in this stereotypically situation. How do you fix that? The answer is simple: build attraction first. I know what you're thinking, "But you just said attraction isn't a choice, so how I get her attracted?" That my friends is the "secret" I'm focusing on today.

Attraction comes in a couple varieties, namely the deep emotional attraction that makes women love and the light and fleeting attraction of buying temperature spikes. Both are required to get women attracted and interested.

BT spiking is critical for getting quick compliance and being fun. The goal is a feeling if elation and will make women (temporarily) want you to stay. This is also bad in a sense because you can become dancing monkey if you don't move things foward.

The traditional attraction switches espoused by being "alpha" are what will keep women over the long run.

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