Thursday, February 5, 2009

For the ladies...

Here's my short short version of relationship management for the women out there. If you really want a simple outline to follow for keeping your man happy and not stray:

  1. Stay sexy. Don't let yourself go because "you're comfortable". It's a copout and a weak excuse for laziness.
  2. Get your knees dirty. If you're satisfying your man at home then he won't have any reason to stray in order to have his *needs* fulfilled. It's that simple. And following Step 1 ensures he'll want to keep having sex with you.
  3. Stop acting like a man. Emasculating your man through things like trying to take charge, belittling him, etc are all big turnoffs for most guys. Sure, there are some who are into that dom-submis fetish thing, but most guys aren't. And do you know what's a sub-category of that type of behavior? Nagging. No guy I've ever met enjoyed it. If you want us to shut down and start looking elsewhere then by all means nag nag nag.

That's it ladies, that's all there is to it. If you follow those 3 simple steps you'll find relationship bliss. Men will bend over backwards to please you night and day if you do the above. And if you're one of the stereotypical women that sits at home all day watching TV, this definitely applies to you. Trust me when I say this, because your man is thinking these very same things, but he's afraid to say them. I'll take the flak so they don't have to. Follow the above and it'll save you a ton of money on the therapists (or worst case: lawyers). All you have to do is put down the bon-bons, turn off Oprah or Judge Judy, have sex regularly-as in about once a day, and get your jiggly butts in the gym.

The fact of the matter is a LOT of the guys out there that are thinking the same things to an extent, but are just afraid to say it. That's partly why so many relationships fail. People are so caught up in being PC they can't speak their mind. Couple that with our culture where males have been programmed to think their own wants and needs should come second to their woman's and you're going to have problems.

The only way relationships can go the distances is if both parties are satisfied. Once upon a time that was the case. Granted it was usually the women putting in the work to make that happen, but with the advent of feminism women have shirked off that traditional role and it's now every person for themselves.

Until we strike a balance, both genders are going to suffer in the long term relationship department. What's worse is how western culture only holds that woman should be the ones satisfied, even if it comes at the expense of the man's well being. It's like some warped and misguided form of gender reparations.

Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion and you're more than welcome to support the kind of paradigm we're currently socialized with, but don't think for a second everyone else is going to go along with it. There are plenty of guys out there like myself who aren't going stand for it. The reason for this: I'm actually for equality and mutual satisfaction. And I have the statistics to back it up. In fact, I contend it's the status quo that's frakked up right now. And if anyone wants to debate me, first just take a look at those divorce rates.

Give this a listen to, particularly the advice given around the 17 minute mark:

Even CNN is even getting in on the action. They have 9 steps to keeping a relationship going:

Notice points 1, 3, and 4. Sound familiar? They should. I just told you to do the same in a more succinct way.

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