Sunday, February 3, 2013

Would You Take Dating Advice From This Woman?
(it really pains me to link Jezebel)

Quite frankly she's not an authority on what women respond to. If anything she just sounds butthurt because she doesn't get the attention other women do who she knows are better looking than she is. 

I sometimes wonder if feminism was really just a jealousy movement to have women that are good looking knocked down a peg to have to work & live life like non-attractive women do by way of removing their looks privilege. Demonizing male sexuality that values female physical attractiveness plays into this in a big way. 

Start looking at feminists. And I mean really look at them and ask yourself is she hot, was she hot when she was younger, and where do you think she sits on a looks scale? I've seen maybe 2 in my life that were actually really hot. A few were hot in their youth, but when their looks faded then suddenly they "saw the light". Funny they didn't need feminism when they were still young and sexy. Go figure.

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